Best Lawn Leveling Rake – My Choice, FAQ & Buyer’s Guide

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With hundreds of lawn leveling rakes lurking out there in the market, choosing the best one is not easy. To pick the best yard leveling tool, you have to look for the product that suits your needs and preference.

Do not worry. In the following lines, you will find my top lawn leveling rakes to help you make the right choice.

Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool – Best Overall

Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool is a rake for grass that works from small to large areas. Having a steel bracket and aluminum head, it finishes off light and durable at the same time.

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  1. Lightweight
  2. Works for any type of grass
  3. Long handle
  4. Optimum-sized ground plate
  5. Rust-proof


  1. Requires significant practice for proper use

Design and Materials

Many use the Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool in creating a smooth and even lawn.

This soil leveler has a handle made from stainless steel. Stainless steels have high corrosion resistance that makes them very easy to maintain. Moreover, this material has high strength and hardness, which lasts without breaking despite such a blow or stretch.

Solid aluminum makes up the rake section. Aluminum is famous for its featherlight weight attribute. This material is comparably 2.5 times less heavy than steel. Despite its weight, aluminum is durable and rust-proof, making it the manufacturer’s favorite in making home and gardening tools.

These materials have a double welding layer, resulting in a top-quality product. The combination of these components finishes off with a strong yet lightweight output. Overall, Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool weighs to a fair measurement of 7.21 lbs (3.2 kg).

Extra Long Handle

Unlike the other commercially available dirt leveler, Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool stands out with its extended handle.

The bracket is strikingly lengthy with a span of 78 in (198 cm). This feature makes the work much easier as the tool covers a large portion of the ground with less effort and energy.

The handle length can complement your needs and preferences too. All you have to do is to twist and/or pull the upper sections. Without fuss and muss, you can shorten this slender part down to 50 in (127 cm).

Optimal-sized Ground Plate

Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool dares to be different with a competitively large ground plate.

The head of this leveling rake stands out with dimensions of 30 in (76.2 cm) long and 10 in (25 cm) wide. Such a rake head will help you do heavier loads. It will work efficiently for moving and spreading even heavy, many, as well as wet materials (like mulch).

Though quite big, you can still easily move the ground plate. Manufacturers design the head of this rake in proportion to the holder.


Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool might not be a good choice if you’re quite new in lawn leveling.

Though functional, Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool is requiring significant practice to attain the best output.

Leveling techniques and ways of pressure application might take you some time before mastering them fully. But your lawn will get smoother eventually, with more practice.


The Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool is a durable yet lightweight tool. Not only does this product boasts its extra-long handle, but also features a big rake head that levels a wide scope.

Though this tool requires practice, users can achieve a clean and even lawn as time passes by.

Standard Golf Levelawn – Best for Large Areas

Backed by a reliable and trusted company, Standard Golf Levelawn works best for big areas (as in golf sites). It has a smooth and slender wood handle that is comfortable to use.

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  1. Wide area coverage
  2. Rust-proof
  3. Sleek look


  1. High Maintenance

Design and Materials

Standard Golf Levelawn has a wide head and long handle.

Its bracket is remarkably different by being a wood. You might conclude that wood easily rots or breaks, but this one is extraordinary. The manufacturer uses a high-quality wood that has passed through certain processes for a tough output.

A metal board complements this wood handle. Like other leveling rakes, it also works efficiently in distributing soil, breaking clods, and smoothing the surface.

Customers also love that there is no single screw throughout the tool. This just proves that the parts are securely connected with more than one layer of welding.

Large Area Coverage

The American Standard Golf Company has historical golf products that have been changing the lives of people for a century. Unsurprisingly, this product is great for wide areas as well.

The head of Standard Golf Levelawn emerges quite large with the dimensions of 30.8*11*2 in (78*28*5 cm). These measurements are perfect for leveling a wide range of land.

With this tool, you might not get hassled by repeating the yard leveling over and over again. You’ll also not be standing out there in the field, smoothening your lawn from sunrise to sunset.

Smooth and Lightweight Handle

What consumers love most about the wood handle of Standard Golf Levelawn is its appearance, texture, and weight.

The bracket is slender and light to carry. Having such weight is the reason why it’s functional despite the absence of soft coating around.

But if you still experience any problem while holding the bracket, some ways can help. This includes using gardening gloves to avoid slipping your hands around the bracket.

Some people also mentioned that this product finishes beautifully. Its appearance is different from such dirt leveler that seems like fading sooner.


You should skip Standard Golf Levelawn if you’re looking for an effective tool that costs only some bucks.

Standard Golf Levelawn appears to be the most expensive leveling rake among my top picks. Though pricey, customers are claiming that it’s worth it.

One more drawback about this product is the maintenance of the handle. Speaking of soil works, woods are more susceptible to dirt and mud, unlike metals. Nevertheless, periodic cleaning can alleviate this problem.


Standard Golf Levelawn is a gardening tool that is great for flatting large areas. Apart from the wide-area coverage, it prides its functional handle with wood composition.

Although a bit pricey, this product guarantees a smooth lawn result and lasting usage.

Fly Hawk Lawn Leveling Rake – Best for all Grass

Fly Hawk Lawn Leveling Rake is a compact tool with a wide range of applications. With just a considerable price, you can make your lawn neat and visually inviting with this tool.

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  1. Works on any type of grass
  2. Adjustable handle
  3. Double-welded materials
  4. Reasonable price


  1. Works best only to small areas

Design and Materials

The Fly Hawk company prides this product on its innovative yet functional design.

The rake head, measuring 17 by 10 in (43 by 25 cm), can flatten a fairly wide area. Manufacturers design its handle to be ergonomic, which can fit among any people despite their height.

Also, stainless steel makes up both the ground plate and handle. This ditches the possibility of tool staining and rusting brought by the ever-changing condition of the lawn.

Apart from providing ease and maneuverability, this leveling rake lasts. The manufacturer finishes this equipment with a double line of welding. Thus, this results in a sturdy rake that won’t easily fall and detach.

Compact Tool

Buying a Fly Hawk Lawn Leveling Rake can be the best choice if you need a compact lawn flatting tool.

Standing 72 in (183 cm) when fully assembled, you can adjust this leveling rake according to your needs. If you’re short or someone who would want to rake in a nearer distant gap, you can easily remove one or more sections of the handle. The overall height of this leveling rake can decrease up to 50 in (127 cm).

Not only Fly Hawk Lawn Leveling Rake will perfectly fit your garden, but in almost any area where you wish to keep it. You can easily shorten the handle and cut back around 30% of its original length. Thus, you might not have any problem with carrying it via a vehicle or placing it in limited spaces.

Wide Range of Grass Application

Compare to the other lawn leveling rakes, Fly Hawk Lawn Leveling Rake highlights its blades that can work on almost any type of grass.

With metal composition, this tool is one of the very few leveling rakes that works despite the thickness and consistency of the grass leaf blade. Bermuda, Kentucky bluegrass, Ryegrass, St. Augustine, and Fescue, to cite a few. These grasses exhibit different leaf compositions and attributes but all vulnerable to the right leveling rake.

Before leveling the surface of the lawn, you need to consider the height measurement of the grass. The manufacturer recommends trimming the grass around 1.5 in (3.8 cm) or less.


Falling under the medium-sized category of leveling rakes, Fly Hawk Lawn Leveling Rake might not fit for you if you’re going to work in larger areas.

Locations like a golf tournament and other sports grounds are too large for the head of Fly Hawk Lawn Leveling Rake. Though this tool can still do its job, the work won’t be efficient, cost- and time-effective. This is because you’ll be needing to exert more energy and allot more hours just to work the entire place.

Though Fly Hawk Lawn Leveling Rake functions to any grass, it has a limitation. This leveling rake will only work best with short grass.

Thicker grasses tend to be more difficult to work with. So, you might spend much more time and energy finding bumps as they’re hidden in a thick bush of grass. Cut the grass in its optimal length to ditch lumps from being hardly noticeable.


In a sense, Fly Hawk Lawn Leveling Rake shows off a very flexible handle that you can adjust accordingly. It can help you flatten your lawn, given that the grasses are in their optimal length.

Also, it’s a good choice if you’re working in fairly wide areas.


Miya Lawn Leveler Tool – Best in Ease of Set-up

If you’re looking for a yard leveling tool that is very easy and quick to set-up, nothing might beat Glory Lawn Leveler Tool. Apart from the said feature, it saves both your money and lawn.

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  1. Cost-saving
  2. Corrosion-resistant
  3. Easy set-up
  4. Retractable handle

Design and Materials

Miya Lawn Leveler Tool is a manufacturer guaranteed lawn leveling rake with high-quality materials.

Both the handle and rake head consist of stainless steel. Unlike the other plastic or wood products, this tool does not rot or break through the extremes of the environment. This leveling rake stands and lasts through the season with these materials.

Not only this rake is functional, but it also looks good with a simple yet sophisticated look.

Easy Set-up

Miya Lawn Leveler Tool is topnotch when it comes to the ease of setting up.

Having a unique design, it will only take you about one minute to assemble this tool. You just have to orderly connect the parts directly to another, or follow the instruction manual.

The adjustable areas of the holder also allow you to extend or shorten it. You can freely change the length of the bracket, which is standing with five removable sections.

Disconnecting the rake pieces is as easy and quick as with the assembling process.

Cost Saving

Miya Lawn Leveler Tool might save you money from preventable expenses.

Made from the finest materials, which are stainless steel, the tool can withstand light or heavy loads. It won’t easily break or detach when there are grumpy stones or bumps along the surface.

Apart from preventing expenses that might suddenly arise from repair, there’s a very high probability that this tool will age with you.

That means skipping buying a new soil leveler from time to time.


Miya Lawn Leveler Tool might not suit old people or those who are prone to body aches.

Emerging as a metal-made, both in handle and head, Miya Lawn Leveler Tool weighs quite heavy. Weighing around 8 lbs (4 kg), carrying this tool is like moving a large bag of potatoes that is almost full. Unsurprisingly, moving such a rake back and forth might shock your body.

A few activities can prevent muscle pains and strains from using this tool. Actions like switching hands, maintaining good body posture, and taking a break will reduce such complaints.


Miya Lawn Leveler Tool does great in yard leveling. It is a money saver (as in repair costs) and has an effortless set-up.

This product, however, is not for aging or weak people as it is quite heavy. But you can always contact their customer support as they pursue client satisfaction together with three-year quality assurance.


Talitare Lawn Leveling Rake – Best Lightweight

Emerging light and ergonomic, the Talitare Lawn Leveling Rake stands out as a very user-friendly tool. Made from top-quality material, this tool can help you successfully flatten your yard for whatever purpose.

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  1. Quality Material
  2. Lightweight
  3. Have soft coatings in the handle
  4. Corrosion-resistant


  1. Short handle

Design and Materials

The Talitare Lawn Leveling Rake is a delicately designed tool made from an uncommon material type: 304 stainless steel.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, 304 stainless steel is among the T 300 series of austenitic metals. It consists of various elements but mostly of Chromium and Nickel.

Having these contents make this tool excellently tough to last through the bumpy and rough lawn.

The Talitare Company constructed this dirt leveler as reliable equipment. It is both resistant to heat and corrosion, reducing the risk of wearing off. This tool is especially advantageous to the lawn environment, as the place temperature can drastically soar or drop.

This highly functional five-bladed leveling rake finishes off with a neat appearance that is not hard to clean and maintain.

Super Lightweight

Talitare Lawn Leveling Rake appears to be a rare gem among the gardening tools. It highlights its weight that is the least among the rest of the leveling rakes in my top picks.

Weighing 6.55 lbs (2.97 kg), Talitare Lawn Leveling Rake might save your back and shoulder from aching and swelling. Though toiling your lawn can be an aerobic exercise, a heavy rake equates to a large load for the carrier. Heavy soil leveler is especially risky if you start to get older or susceptible to body aches.

This yard leveling tool offers a less strainful activity of maintaining both the usability and aesthetics of your lawn.

Its weight is comparably 1 or 2 lbs (0.5 to 0.9 kg) less. Though that mass difference is not too significant, strain from such heavy tools can accumulate and eventually result in muscle soreness.

Ergonomic Rubber Coated Handle

If you’re someone who has weak hands or sweaty palms that keep on slipping when holding stuff, Talitare Lawn Leveling Rake might be for you.

One of the best features that set Talitare Lawn Leveling Rake different from other lawn tools is its soft coatings around the handle.

These coatings are several rubber pieces, about an inch or two, wrapped around the bracket with distant spaces.

These little things around the bracket make it ergonomic and comfortable to use. It improves grip and prevents your hand from exerting too much pressure at the same time.

Apart from the functionality, these also enhance the overall look of the leveling rake. It adds color (blue for this tool) to the plain silver or gray handle.


Despite having advantageous features as mentioned above, there’s a small flaw existing with this tool. Talitare Lawn Leveling Rake is short.

Standing just 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall, the Talitare Lawn Leveling Rake might not be the best pick if you are someone whom people literally look up to. Though it’s light, tall folk can still suffer from pain by using this tool. Of course, they might be drooping or moving in an awkward posture all the time.

Thus, it might be better to skip this product if you think you’ll bend your knees and extend your arms in odd positions while working on your lawn.


Talitare Lawn Leveling Rake is a great pick if you’re looking for a lawn friend. Apart from functionality, it prides its featherlight weight and ergonomic handle.

However, consider looking for other options if you’re quite tall. This soil leveler only stands 5 feet (1.5 meters) in total.


Yard Tuff ATV/Lawn Tractor Landscape Drag – Best for Tractor

For the last one, we’ve got to talk about Amazon’s Choice for driveway garden – the Yard Tuff ATV/Lawn Tractor. It dares to be different with its heavy-duty construction that efficiently covers a wide path, despite the land texture.

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  1. Wide area coverage
  2. For gravel driveways
  3. Innovative design
  4. Rust-proof
  5. Lawn Leveling Rake for Tractor

Design and Materials

Yard Tuff ATV/Lawn Tractor has a uniquely designed construction. It has a broad six-sided frame with a span of 5.5 in (13 cm). Apart from the border, there are also two bars located at the center.

This design allows the Yard Tuff ATV/Lawn Tractor to cover a wide span of the area while leveling. The central bars, on the other hand, allows the user to add extra weight to the product.

The manufacturers use heavy-duty steel in producing this material, for a guaranteed tough build. A powder coating finishes off this product as well, to make it extra sturdy and sleek.


People love the Yard Tuff ATV/Lawn Tractor because they can control the depth of this product’s work.

The center bars along this leveling tool can carry up to 50 lbs (23 kg) weight. Users can control the land surface level depending on how flat they want it to be. They just have to add weight atop of these bars as long as it won’t exceed the tool’s limit. Materials like 16 in (41 cm) cement is an example.

Having this extra feature also allows the Yard Tuff ATV/Lawn Tractor to work even in gravel driveways. Compared to cheap tools, it works efficiently without cuts and folds.

There’s a pin-style hitch atop of the border frame. This structure allows the vehicle, either ATV, UTV, or other utility tractors to safely drag it.


If you’re someone who is planning to level just a small area, buying a Yard Tuff ATV/Lawn Tractor could be a bad choice.

Yard Tuff ATV/Lawn Tractor appears better for industrial than residential works. It is not ideal to use this at home because it is heavy as it’s for large loads. A vehicle needs to drag it, for it to work.


Yard Tuff ATV/Lawn Tractor is an operational soil leveler that works in rough, wide, and gravelly areas. It’s a good pick, but not for typical residential use.

FAQ & Buyer’s Guide

How to use a lawn leveling rake?

Using a lawn leveling rake is easy. After you have filled the hollows and flatten the bumps, leveling is next. Position your leveling rake, with the head at the surface, of course, and you holding the bracket. Push or pull the soil leveler repeatedly until you have smoothened the entire surface.

Why are lawn leveling rakes expensive?

Considering the materials which are most metals, together with the design, labor, and other fees, lawn leveling rakes are unsurprisingly pricey. You can also consider the increasing demands of the leveling tools from homeowners. And price influences demand.

Why diy lawn leveling rake is a bad idea?

A manually made soil leveler is not cost-effective. It’s because it might just consist of weak and unreliable materials. This means that the rake won’t last long as it can be easily broken and detached. In short, you gotta buy or make a new one again. And lastly, the results will not be as good and efficient as using a manufactured one.

What is the difference between landscape rakes and lawn leveling rakes?

landscape rake vs lawn leveling rake

Contrary to what others think, a landscaping rake is different from a lawn leveling tool. Though they both have handle and head, there is a slight difference between their function. Landscaping rake is more on moving and breaking large piles of sand. Meanwhile, lawn leveling rake functions on pushing sands or soil to get an even and smooth yard.

How to Level a Lawn. Step-by-step tutorial

But how do you level a lawn? What tools do you need which techniques are required? How much time and effort are needed? We’ll be dissolving all these factors in this article.

Let’s get started.

First step:

First things first, check for the drainage complications, low spots and bumpy areas. Also, be clear with the dimensions of the area that needs to be levelled so you can proceed further.

It’s possible for your lawn to either have hollows or bumps. And in either case, you need to check the height or depth thoroughly and then plan a solution for it.

Second step:

The second step towards leveling your lawn is to water your lawn a week or so before beginning the actual process. This will make the soil easy to work with as working with dry soil will cause it to be crumbled. Similarly, never over-water the soil as it will make the soil more moist than needed. And working with exceedingly moist soil is as difficult as working with dry soil.

Third step:

Now that you have prepped your lawn for the leveling process, let’s look at the causalities and then begin the actual work.

As for treating hollows, there are two methods and depending upon the extent of damage to the lawn and depth of the low spots, you can choose from either of the two.

Filling the hollows in your lawn is known as top-dressing the lawn. If the area is depressed up to a shallow extent only, you can fill sand or combination in it to level it followed by settling it with a leveling rake and compact and tamp the soil using your feet or any compressing tool easily available. Also, sprinkle some water after the top-dressing for better compaction of the area.

You can repeat the process after a couple of days if you see any low spots or hollow areas in the lawn.

This will not only level your lawn but also prove beneficial for the grass as combination sand comprises of many nutrients required for the better growth of grass.

Fourth step:

For dealing with bumps in your lawn, there are two methods you can follow. If the bumps are less than 1”, you can flatten them out by simply moistening the area and stepping or jumping on them in early spring. Use a lawn leveling rake afterwards to bring the bumpy area equal to the normal surface.

For bumps that are higher than 1”, you need to dig out the excess of soil gathered under the bump using a shovel. Tread the bumpy area and fold the flaps of grass over in backward direction till it becomes equal to the rest of the lawn. Once done with all the work, sprinkle water for better compaction.

This will level your lawn in one go and save you from a lot of effort.


Now, have you made up your mind about the lawn leveling rake that you’ll choose? Or is your current favorite soil leveler not in my top picks?

I would appreciate it if you’ll leave insights about this topic in the comment section below. Freely share this article with your friends whom you think will need it.

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