Creative Ideas for Indoor Herb Garden

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Are you also an indoor garden enthusiast and love try out on creative ideas? Because same!! For you to make you homey little garden look the best, I’ve narrowed some fun, light and light on the pocket creative ideas. Let’s hop on to have a look at them.

Use a baking pan

Yes, you read that right. This little DIY is as easy as creative. Simply take out a pan (that you don’t plan to use anymore). You will need a semi-circle glass or plastic-pane, herbs of your choice, soil and water. Fill the material in the pan vertically and place it where it gets most of the sunlight.

baking pan

Use a Wall Storage System

This is yet another unique but fun idea. With this, you can easily set up a planter for your indoor garden. For this, you will need a container, hooks, railing, soil, herbs, water and lots of sunshine. Simply put the herbs and soil in the container and suspend it against the railing with a hook. And place it where it can get sunshine to its fullest.

Wall Storage System herb garden

Use a Wooden Box

One of the most common but classis indoor garden idea. Bring wood into use!!! For this, you will need an wooden box, herbs, soil, water, sunshine and everything nice. Fill the half of the box with soil and then add the herbs. Make sure it gets enough sunlight for the day.

Wooden Box
Big Lou’s Workshop

Use a Hanging Shelf

Get that old shelf out of that pantry and get it to use. All you need is a hanging shelf, a rope, small pots, soil and herb. Build the shelf as you like using either rope or iron, the choice is yours. Place the soil and herb in the pots, water it and TADA!! Your hanging shelf is all ready. Remember to let it have its daily consumption of sunlight.

Hanging Herb Garden
Youtube / Dulux UK

Use Old Mugs and Jars

And that’s yet another easy and inexpensive way to bring grace to your window sill. All those mugs and jars that became old can now get back into use with this ingenious idea. Simply clean the mugs, fill them will soil, herbs and water. Place them in window sill where there’s sufficient sunlight coming in and you have it done!

Jar Herb Garden
Youtube / Pepper and Pine

Use a Herb Garden Kit

And if you’re a lazy person, this is where all your plant related problems come to an end. Get this kit, sit back and relax. It is here to do all the work for you. Not only does it come with an in-built light system but also has the ability to self-water plants. What more could you ask for?

herb garden kit


Gardening can be fun, especially when it’s inside the house. Go with any one of the above mentioned ideas and rock your indoor garden look. And that brings me to the end.
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