How to protect my garden from weeds growing on the lawn?

DWQA QuestionsHow to protect my garden from weeds growing on the lawn?
Laura L. Gore asked 5 months ago

I recently planted a new lawn near the garden and I’m afraid the weeds will move into the garden

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Nicolas Wayne Staff answered 5 months ago

At first, be sure to leave enough space between the new grass and plants in your garden. Weedkillers may not be a good idea because it will kill the weeds but also prevent new seeds from taking root.
In one of my vegetable gardens, I spread large sheets of black plastic with weed barrier cloth inside the trenches that go all around perpendicular to rows of old cucumbers which have been transplanted into these border trenches. The cucumber roots are interspersed among these sheets of plastic so long as they are watered regularly. This has worked for me so far – over three years without having seen any weeds sprouting up through this trench system…..
My veggies love it, too! Much easier than stepping on them constantly