How to Jack Up a Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Zero turn lawn mower is a standard riding lawn mower. It is dubbed as zero turn because it rotates at zero or no radius. How it is achieved relies on the various brands and models of the mower but the most typical method is the hydraulic speed control of each wheel drive.

Both commercial duty and residential models can be availed in the market with varying prices, mower deck sizes, fuel types (gasoline or diesel), engine power options, etc. A zero turn lawn mower drives faster but is more expensive compared to other standard riding lawn mowers that come with steerable front wheels.

How to Jack up a Zero Turn Lawn Mower: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Step 1
    Park the lawn mower on a hard plain even-level position. Set the parking brake into an engaged position. Put the ignition key into the “off” position.
  2. Step 2
    Pull the mower deck lift lever all the way back to lift the mower deck to the highest position. Directly in the middle underneath the mower deck, slide the jack.
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  3. Step 3
    Elevate the jack until the front of the zero turn lower machine is raised off the ground at about 2 feet. Under each side of the lawn mower deck, slide the jack stands. After that, move the jack into a lower position until it touches and rests on the jack stands.
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Types of Lifts for Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Scissor-action Lift

This model is simple to use and comes in a cheap range. Its lever can be operated and cranked by hands. Scissor-action lifts can elevate lightweight lawn mower machines. You would require some strength and physical effort when dealing with such equipment.

Drill-turned Lift

The drill-turned lift is somehow similar to the scissor-action lift; however, it runs on the drill-tuned mechanism that necessitates the use of power drill to jack up the mower. It also comes with levers to elevate the mower at your preferred height. If you do not own a power drill, you can lift the load manually.

Hydraulic Lift

The hydraulic lift is quite different from the scissor-action lift and drill-turned lift. It operates using a hydraulic mechanism through a foot pedal. It renders a superb support when carrying heavy loads and by the streamlined functioning.

Pneumatic Lift

The pneumatic lift operates on an airlifting system which is connected to an air compressor. Not much effort is required when using this. It works smoothly and efficiently and can jack up weights with no issues whatsoever. However, these lifts come with a steep price.

Things to Consider Before Picking the Right Lawn Mower Lift

Types of Lawn Tractor Lifts

There are four kinds of lawn tractor lifts. Take reference above. There are varying mechanisms depending on each type. The scissor-action lift and drill-turned lift are relatively economical. Alternatively, the hydraulic lift and the pneumatic lift come in an expensive price range.

Weight Capacity of the Lawn Mower

You need to identify the weight lifting capacity of the mower. Some models can push, carry, and propel lawn mowers with a limit of 200 pounds. When raising the residential zero turn lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and ATVs, it needs a lift with a 300 to 500-pound capability. For more than 500 pounds, it can elevate heavy-duty zero turn lawn mowers and lawn tractors.

Wheel Span Capacity

The wheel span capacity pertains to the space or distance between the wheels in front of the lawn mower. This is an important factor to consider when choosing a jack because if the mower wheels are not accurately centered, it could slide off easily at the time of lifting. The distance spans from 17 to 64 inches and you must check it prior to choosing a mower lift to buy.

Adjustable Wheel Span

Most lawn mower jacks have easy-to-use adjustable wheel spans. Before buying a jack for the lawn mower, it’s vital to measure the wheel span. It can be measured from the center of the first wheel to the middle of the second wheel. You can also check the lawn mower’s user manual for its dimensions.

Mower Lifting Height

It’s an important factor to assess when raising the mower to the desired height. Majority of the jacks can hold the load at the height of about 22 to 28 inches. We need to elevate the lawn mower to conduct maintenance procedures such as cleaning the deck, replacing the blades, changing the oil, etc.

Rubber-made Wheel Pads

The lawn mowers are costly. Hence, it must remain safe and scratchless. The purpose of the rubberized wheel pads is to keep the mower safe and free from scratches.


For a clutter-free space, especially when keeping it in a small room or garage, it has to be foldable. When you don’t use it for a long time, it collapses. It needs to be kept in a safe place. A foldable jack is ideally easy to fold and store especially in a cramped space.

Safety Features

It is imperative to inspect the different safety features of the lawn mower jack. An example is the lifting lock, and it’s sole purpose is to lock the arm of the mower lift. If the machine is unable to be locked, the mower can easily slip off and that can damage the equipment and worse, it can cause accidents, hence, harming you.


Costs, features, types, weight capacity, operational mechanisms, etc… these are the important aspects to consider when availing the best lawn mower lift. Furthermore, it is a must to follow the step-by-step guide to protect the equipment and above all, to keep you, the user, safe.

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