The Best Post Emergent Herbicide for Killing Weeds in Your Yard

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Do you have a weed problem in your yard? Are you looking for the best post emergent herbicide to kill them? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of post emergent herbicides and which one is best for killing weeds in your yard. We will also provide tips on how to use these products safely and effectively. So, if you’re ready to get rid of those pesky weeds once and for all, keep reading!


Weeds are a common problem in many yards and gardens. They can take over your lawn, smother your flowers, and generally make a mess. If you are dealing with weeds, you are probably looking for a way to get rid of them quickly and effectively. The good news is that there are several different options for controlling weeds, and one of them is a post-emergent crest

What is a post-emergent herbicide?

A post-emergent herbicide is a type of herbicide that is applied to plants after they have already sprouted and begun to grow. These products work by destroying the foliage of the weed, the roots, or both. This type of herbicide is ideal for people who missed their weed treatment when the weeds were still in seed.

Advantages of post-emergent herbicide

There are many advantages of such remedies:

  • They work faster. Post-emergent herbicides kill weeds quickly, so you don’t have to wait as long to see results.
  • They are more effective. Because post-emergent herbicides target actively growing weeds, they are often more effective than pre-emergent herbicides;
  • Post-emergent herbicides can help remove weeds of any age from an overgrown yard that other eradicators can’t handle;
  • Suitable for the beginner gardener to treat, as he will then be able to see what he is treating. A specific weed will require a product, and if you take a pre-emergent herbicide, it is more difficult to use, because the weeds are not there yet, so it is difficult to determine their presence in a particular place.

Type of post-emergent herbicide

There are three types of post-emergent herbicide:

Selictic – this type acts gently and delicately. They are most often used in areas where there is a lot of important and valuable vegetation that you want to preserve. A celictic herbicide works gently without affecting the health and integrity of valuable plants;

Non-selictic – this type of post-emergent herbicide is harsher and more aggressive due to its more chemical composition. This option is best applied to hardy weeds that are difficult to remove from your garden. But remember that this type of product can damage and even kill valuable plants in your garden. That’s why it’s important to treat weeds with this type of weed remedy on a point-by-point basis to minimize the risk to valuable plants;

For trees and bushes – this kind of post-emergent herbicide is quite rare, but very effective. It is used to treat stumps, after cutting a tree, to control the growth of bushes, to treat the fence along the forest area, etc.

Form of post-emergent herbicides

There are different post-emergent herbicides available in different forms:

  • Liquid – can be marketed as a concentrate that must be diluted with water afterwards. Concentrates are best for treating large areas where there are many weeds. In this case, you can save money on the purchase. The second option is a ready-to-use product that is ready to kill weeds immediately after purchase. It does not need to be diluted, so it is considered convenient for small areas. In addition, it is best suited for beginners;
  • Pellets – such pellets contain a substance that is active in terms of killing weeds. Some types of pellets are simply poured under the weed and have a slow release, so the exterminator works slowly and very effectively. Other types of pellets need to be diluted with water.

Post-emergent herbicides by weed type

Manufacturers produce different post-emergent herbicides, each suitable for different types of weeds. Some include the most popular weeds, such as crabgrass, dandelions and clovers. Other options include rarer and more difficult weeds such as nut weed, hedgehog and black medic. A third type of post-emergent herbicide is universal, which can list up to 200 weeds. The last option is a noxious and invasive weed killer.

Volume and shape of containers

The amount of product is determined by the treatment area and the number of existing weeds. In modern times you can buy post-emergent herbicide in a bottle of 1 liter to 25 or more. Anything over 25 liters is considered professional and used commercially.

The following are distinguished by the shape of the container:

  1. Glass;
  2. Jar;
  3. Canister;
  4. Bottle;
  5. Barrel;
  6. In spray form.
  7. Choose whatever is most convenient for you.


These include additional accessories in the form of a spatula, watering can, measuring cup, and automatic machine for spraying the product. Many manufacturers add additional products to the product: fertilizers, pre-emergents, and more.

Popular Questions and Answers

Would a post-emergent herbicide be effective if added to a sprinkler system?

Yes, post-emergent herbicide can be added to a sprinkler system as long as it is compatible with your type of system. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly mix and apply the herbicide. Such products are specifically labeled that they are suitable for sprinkler systems. But be careful, because such a system can be damaged by a post-emergent herbicide if its composition is aggressive. It is important to pass a lot of water, through the system after its use.

What is the best post emergent herbicide for killing weeds in your yard?

Glyphosate is the most effective post emergent herbicide for killing weeds. It is a systemic herbicide that kills plants by absorption through the leaves. Glyphosate products are available under many trade names, including Roundup.

How to dilute post-emergent herbicide concentrate?

If you are using a post-emergent herbicide to kill weeds in your yard, you need to know how to dilute the concentrate correctly. The amount of water you need to add to the herbicide depends on the size of your yard and the type of weeds you are trying to kill. More detailed instructions are always listed on the bottle of each product. After all, these values are individual everywhere.

How quickly does a post-emergent herbicide kill weeds?

That’s the million dollar question when it comes to post-emergent herbicides. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. The rate of eradication depends on a number of factors, including the type of herbicide used, the size and age of the weed, the environment (temperature, humidity, etc.) and more. Some products are effective in 3 hours, where you can watch the weed begin to break down. Others take 24 hours, and still others kill weeds completely within two weeks.

In what areas can post-emergent herbicide be used?

Post-emergent herbicide can be used on lawns, gardens, vegetable gardens, golf courses, fields, parks, flower beds, herbaceous plants.

Are post-emergent herbicides dangerous to humans and animals?

Most post-emergent herbicides are safe for humans and animals when used as directed. However, some products may contain ingredients that can be harmful if inhaled or swallowed. Always read the label carefully and follow the instructions to avoid exposure to these chemicals. It’s also best to try to close the entrance to your area for 24 hours after treating it with post-emergent herbicide.

Top Products

Blindside Herbicide WDG FMC Selective

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Are you looking for an effective herbicide that will kill more than 70 different species of broadleaf weeds? If so, FMC Selective Blindside Herbicide WDG is the perfect choice for you. This silica-type product is easy to use thanks to its convenient packaging that makes measuring out the product a simple affair. It’s also suitable for all types of lawns, including commercial, residential and non-residential. Best of all, it contains 60% sulfentrazone as the active ingredient, making it highly effective in killing weeds. So don’t wait any longer – buy a bottle of FMC Selective Blindside Herbicide WDG today and see how your lawn will change!

The product should not be used on areas where seeds have been planted, as well as St. Augustine grass, zoysia grass and millipede grass. The post-emergent herbicide here attacks the leaves of the weed immediately and also penetrates the root system and destroys it from within.


  • Selicate type of remedy;
  • Convenient packaging for measuring the product;
  • Suitable for all types of lawns: commercial, residential and non-residential;
  • Kills over 70 broadleaf weeds;
  • The active ingredient is 60% sulfentrazone.

Select Source Quinclorac 75 Herbicide – 1 Pound

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Select Source Quinclorac 75 herbicide is ideal for treating athletic fields and killing pesky broadleaf and grassy weeds. This herbicide for professional use is made with the active ingredient Quinclorac 75, making it highly effective in killing weeds. Don’t let those unsightly weeds ruin your beautiful lawn or field – take a bottle of Select Source Quinclorac 75 Herbicide and make them disappear!

The product is active against dollar grass, English daisy, foxtail, clover, dewclaw, hedgehog, creeper, violet, signal grass and others. You can treat not only weed fields, but also sod farms, golf courses and garden lawns.


Suitable for the treatment of sports fields;

Destroys broadleaf and herbaceous weeds;

Professional use;

The active ingredient is Quinclorac 75;

Effective Work.

Southern Ag Crossbow Specialty Herbicide

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Want to remove brush and pesky trees? Say hello to Southern Ag Crossbow Specialty Herbicide. This low-volatile herbicide is just what you need to get the job done right. Not only does it control shrubs and trees, but it also contains dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, making it ideal for use in pastures. Plus, it comes in concentrate form, so you know you’re going to get a powerful hit. So why wait? Purchase Southern Ag Crossbow Specialty herbicide today and be on your way to a bush-free zone!

In addition, this product will help kill different types of weeds. In addition to pastures, it is also suitable for treating non-harvested areas. The product is suitable for spraying, but you need the sprayer itself or you can do it with a clean, empty bottle and a spray nozzle.


  • Low volatile type of herbicide;
  • Suitable for controlling shrubs and trees;
  • Contains dichlorophenoxyacetic acid;
  • Suitable for use in pastures;
  • Concentrate.

Spectracide Weed And Grass Killer 1 Gallon, Use On Patios

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Do you want to kill weeds and grass on your patio quickly and effectively? Then check out the Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer 1 Gallon. This handy can is perfect for destroying unwanted weeds, with a visible effect in just 3 hours. It also kills the roots quickly, so the weed won’t show up again. It is suitable for a wide range of weeds, so you can get rid of all kinds of unwanted vegetation. In addition, rain protection lets you not have to worry about the elements destroying all your hard work. So go ahead and make your patio look its best with Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer 1 Gallon.

The convenient design of the can is good in that there is a built-in spray system. You just need to unwrap it and spray all the weeds that are bothering your garden or vegetable garden directly from the can. The exterminator will be effective if it rains 15 minutes after treatment. Or if you decide to water your lawn yourself. Also, if it starts to rain, you can wait 15 minutes after it ends to start treating your weeds.


  • Convenient cylinder design;
  • Suitable for destroying unwanted grass;
  • Kills the root quickly;
  • Visible effect in 3 hours;
  • Suitable for a wide range of weeds;
  • Rain protection for 15 minutes.


  • May not be able to handle difficult weeds.

Gowan USA 51496 SedgeHammer

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Gowan 51496 SedgeHammer is an effective post-emergent herbicide that is ideal for controlling fruit weeds in your garden. This selective type of herbicide will not harm valuable plants and is safe to spray around children and pets. SedgeHammer’s ease of application makes it ideal for those who want to get rid of sedge without harming their favorite plants.

It is effective in controlling sedge because it penetrates its root system underground and destroys it from within. In addition, the remedy is ideal in destroying nut grass, which is sometimes very difficult to remove. It will also help destroy other hardy broadleaf weeds. The product is completely safe for San Augustine grass, Kentucky bluegrass, Bermuda grass and others. After spraying the product on the weeds, it should take some time for the product to fully eradicate. Only then can people and animals be allowed on the lawn.


  • Effective in the control of pecan fruit weeds;
  • One of the best post-emergent herbicides against sedges;
  • Selective type;
  • Suitable for spraying;
  • Does not harm valuable plants in your garden and lawn.

Sedgehammer + 51516 Herbicide, Clear

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Want to take your lawn to the next level? Sedgehammer + Herbicide 51516, Clear is just what you need! This premium herbicide is ideal for treating ornamental lawns. It contains a surfactant that is effective against many types of weeds, making it versatile and powerful for keeping your lawn looking its best. It’s also selective, so you can be sure it won’t harm other plants.

It is the one that shows great results against sedge, so if this weed is bothering your lawn, it’s time to kill it. The product can be used on landscaped areas, cemeteries, golf courses, airport grounds, non-crop areas, non-residential areas, roadsides, schools, fermes, turf areas, sports fields, race tracks, tennis courts and many others. The jar comes with a measuring spoon, which is convenient for proper dilution with water. Follow the instructions on the can to properly dilute the compound.Β 


  • Suitable for the treatment of decorative lawns;
  • Gives 1 gallon of finished solution;
  • Contains a surfactant that is effective against many weeds;
  • Selective type;
  • Effective in controlling sedges.

Tordon Rtu Specialty Herbicide 1 Qt Kills Woody Plants

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Are you trying to get rid of weeds on your trees, bushes and other similar areas? Tordon RTU 1 Qt Kills Woody Plants specialized herbicide is ready to help. This unique formula is one of the rare and effective post-emergent products suitable for controlling more than 20 species of woody weeds. It’s easy to use – just apply it to the affected areas and the blue dye will act as a marker, letting you know where the product has been applied. That way, you can be sure of complete coverage. And because the product is suitable for year-round use, you don’t have to wait for the right time to apply it. Don’t let weeds take over your patch – fight them off with Tordon RTU.

It’s ideal for cut stumps, unplowed ground, and fences with shrubs growing behind them. It will help kill the undernourished shrubs that are trying to take over your garden or lawn. The product is effective in roadside applications. Be careful with the application of the product as it can damage living and healthy trees that are growing nearby. Treat unwanted vegetation gently, taking care not to snag valuable plants in your garden.


  • One of the rare and effective post-emergent weed species that fights weeds on stumps, trees and hedge-type fences;
  • Suitable for controlling over 20 species of woody weeds;
  • Unique formula;
  • Includes a blue dye that acts as a marker;
  • Suitable for use year-round.

GORDON’S Trimec Lawn Weed Killer

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GORDON’S Trimec Lawn Weed Killer is a powerful concentrate that will help kill hard-to-kill weeds, making it ideal for treating large areas. It is also effective for cool grass species that are not damaged, and can kill over 200 different types of weeds. In addition, it will help kill creeping charley, a particularly pesky weed. So don’t let weeds take over your lawn – use GORDON’S Trimec Lawn Weed Killer and get the job done right.

If you dilute the concentrate with water properly, you’ll get 1 quart of mixture, which is enough to cover up to 8,000 square feet.Β 

The product effectively fights difficult broadleaf weeds, helping to kill them quickly. This option is suitable for areas that are heavily invaded by weeds and are already extremely difficult to remove. Mixing the product with water, it is important to strictly follow the instructions on the package so as not to spoil or reduce the effectiveness of the substance.


  • Powerful concentrate;
  • Will help kill hard-to-kill weeds;
  • Effective on cool grass species that are not harmed;
  • Suitable for treating large areas;
  • Suitable for killing more than 200 different weed species;
  • Will help kill creeping charlie.

Roundup QuikPRO Non-Selective Herbicide, 5 (1.5-Ounce) Packets

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Looking for an effective and fast-acting herbicide? Roundup QuikPRO Non-Selective Herbicide is your solution! This powerful product is designed to quickly kill tough weeds within 24 hours. It is ideal for annual and perennial weeds as well as woody weeds. It’s also a concentrate, so you know it contains the active ingredients you need to get results.

Roundup has been recognized worldwide as one of the most effective herbicides in weed control. But remember that it is of the non-selective type, so you need to apply it to weeds spot-on to avoid damaging valuable plants nearby. If there are no such plants, you can safely use Roundup on the whole surface of the soil.


  • A non-selective type of product that is effective against tough weeds;
  • Fast action – weeds are killed within 24 hours;
  • Suitable for killing annual and perennial weeds, as well as woody weeds;
  • Concentrate.

Milestone Specialty Herbicide with Aminopyralid for Noxious and Invasive Weeds

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If you’re looking for the best way to get rid of noxious and invasive weeds, Milestone Specialty Herbicide is your solution. This high-quality herbicide is designed to be effective against a variety of hard-to-treat weeds. The ready-to-use solution is easy to use, and the bottle shape with an integrated measuring zone makes it easy to apply. In addition, the selective type ensures that other plants are not harmed.

The product effectively kills many problematic broadleaf weeds, including noxious and invasive ones. It will also help kill sensitive woody weeds.


  • A special herbicide to kill noxious and invasive weeds;
  • High quality;
  • Effective action;
  • Prepared solution;
  • Selective type;
  • Convenient bottle shape with integrated measuring zone.


To summarize, we can say that post-emergent herbicide exists in different forms, types and packages. With such an assortment, you can choose what you need for your garden, lawn or other area that has been invaded by weeds.

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