Types of lawn sprinklers – choose the best one

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If you are looking for a new way to water your lawn, you may be wondering about the different types of lawn sprinklers. There are many options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we’ll look at the most common types of sprinklers. It will definitely help you decide which type of lawn sprinklers are right for you!

Features of sprinkler selection

Sprinklers are needed to automatically water your lawn to help grow beautiful and green grass and other types of plants. Today’s manufacturers offer a variety of sprinkler options, where we’ve gathered the most popular ones below. With so many choices, you’ll be able to make the right decision for your lawn.

Oscillating sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers
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These are one of the most convenient sprinklers that are easy to move around the yard because they have a long hose and are adjustable. They distribute water in an arc that covers up to 4,000 square feet of lawn. The water supply head itself is like a metronome going back and forth. There are usually two kinds of such systems available: made of plastic or metal.

The more expensive the system, the more adjustments and techniques it will have to adjust the water supply and distribution. The sprinkler is suitable for low and high pressure water supply due to its special design.

Stationary sprinklers

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The stationary model is one of the most common types of lawn sprinklers. They work by connecting to a hose and spraying water in a set pattern throughout your yard.There are a variety of stationary models, including “omni directional,” which means they spray in all directions, so you don’t have to worry about turning them off once they start working. The device may have several operating modes, but most often there is only one. There are different shapes of such devices on sale, where round, rectangular, square, and shaped ones are present.

Stationary sprinkler is inexpensive, popular, that’s why it is considered one of the most popular among gardeners.

Pulsating sprinkler

Pulsating sprinkler
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These types of sprinklers are the most commonly used and least expensive. They provide uniform coverage of the lawn, but tend to waste water by irrigating a large area that is not needed. Rotating sprinklers spray water in a circle at different angles, allowing them to cover a larger area than pulsating sprinklers. Water is dispensed in a similar way, thanks to a rotating head on the main unit.

The pulsating sprinkler can be installed at a low height, which greatly increases the area to be irrigated. That’s why these models can irrigate up to 10,000 square feet of lawn, but only if the water is supplied at high pressure.ย 

Impact sprinkler

Impact sprinkler
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The percussion model is distinguished by the presence of a small noise, like a click, which is heard when the device delivers water. The devices are not high priced, suitable for large areas of lawn, but mostly used in city parks.

Impact sprinkler has in its design a special small hammer, which strikes a metal plate. The metal plate, in turn, is immovable, and after the impact, the hammer moves back, giving room for water. It rushes out in a jet and waters your lawn. The device is not suitable if the water supply is low pressure.ย There is a selection of impact sprinklers for sale, where you can choose models with different modes of operation.

Ground sprinkler

Ground sprinkler
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Ground-mounted models are the most common type of irrigation and can be divided into two categories: stationary ground sprinklers and rotary ground sprinklers. For those people who plan to grow a lawn for a long time, it is better to install this type of sprinkler. The ground-mounted device is built into the ground, for which you need to bury the heads almost halfway. The water system will activate the device and the water heads will jump out of the ground and start spraying water.

Sprinklers cannot be moved, so it’s important to pick the best spot for watering right away. Of course, it is possible to move the system in the future, but it will be very difficult to do so.

Traveling Sprinkler

Traveling Sprinkler
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Recently, this type of sprinkler has been gaining popularity. It also has another name, like the traveling sprinkler. The sprinkler is an elaborate system where you have a watering hose and the watering device rides on it and sprays water over the area around it. It looks similar to a swivel, but it can water a larger area. It needs high water pressure to work effectively.

A traveling sprinkler is not suitable for small lawns. It won’t be practical.

Fog sprinklers

Fog sprinklers
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This is the perfect solution for those gardeners who want to save a little water. The mist sprinkler is the best for watering delicate plants, such as flowers in a flower bed. The device can be adjusted to deliver water every hour, for example. The sprinkler releases a small amount of water and disperses it, creating a mist-like watering technique. In some areas of the country, such a sprinkler is referred to as a microsprinkler.

Important criteria for choosing a sprinkler for your lawn

Lawn size

Lawn size is the most important factor to consider when choosing a sprinkler. Sprinklers come in different shapes and sizes as well as capacities. The smaller your lawn, the less powerful and less expensive sprinklers you need. But for larger lawns, it is better to choose the right model without saving money.

Water pressure

Water pressure
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Water pressure plays a key role in choosing the type of sprinkler. Each home’s water pressure and lawn area are different, which determines whether one type of sprinkler system will work better than the others. Some types of sprinklers, as we described above, will not work at low water pressure.

Automatic or manual type sprinkler?

Automatic sprinklers are much more convenient than manual sprinklers, although they cost more. Manual options are good for those gardeners who take care of their lawn from time to time, who often move or live in a region with high humidity and rain.

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