How to Protect Your Lawn from Cars

Are you also exhausted with cars running up your lawn? There are several reasons why your pretty green grassed lawn may turn out all mangled. It can either be due to insects, climate, footprints or even a plague (you never really know).

However, the most common reason remains car driving or parking. Especially for the lawns that have no curbs and/or touch the road in any way. This not only damages the grass but causes your lawn to look untidy and unkempt and that’s totally not what we want.

So, how can you protect your lawn from cars over-running it? Just stick to the following easy steps to grasp the methods and means to save your lawn from being wrecked.

How to protect corner from people that drive over curb?

The first thing you need to know are the ways with which you can prevent your grass from being defaced. The most frequently used method happen to be a stop sign. But very seldom does it happen that drivers pay attention to boards. The other methods you can use are as follows:


A flag can be of real help to you in slowing down or preventing a vehicle from over-running a curb. It is long enough to be clearly seen from a great distance (make sure to get one in red/yellow color for attention) Install the flags on the grass-side edge of the curb and ensure the flag to be at least 3-4 feet in length. It will bring the car to a halt in case of slow speed or at least cause decrease in its velocity.

A berm of Soil

berm of soil
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If you go for a berm of soil, there are two things you need to take into notice:

  1. If the berm comprises a gradual incline, it is possible for the car to go airborne if speeding, and cause more damage than being on the ground.
  2. If the berm happens to be steep or high, there are high-time chances of the driver meeting an accident and exposing you to liability issues.

Therefore, it is not inordinately recommended.

Placement of Boulders

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Boulders would be your first thought to save your landscaping from cars running over it. It is readily available, easily replaceable and mess-free. But, sadly, it has a drawback. With a big boulder on edge, there are chances of people injuring themselves or their vehicles. Therefore, it won’t stand as a good choice for you.

Ground Protection Mesh

Ground Protection Mesh

Ground protection mesh is usually comprised of thick plastic meshes. If you’re looking for mere protection then this is the best deal as it is developed to safeguard and fortify grass against unwanted objects like vehicles, footprints, etc. It works by distributing weight of a stationed car. It impedes wear and tear, daubing and besmearing. Also, it offers slip-resistance which highly prevents slippery pitfalls. Read more…

Barriers to Keep Cars off Grass

Barriers play the basic role of keeping something at bay. And if you’re thinking of installing barriers at the edge of your lawn, then I’d say that’s the right thing to do. Because neat and tidy lawn edges not only enhance the beauty of your yard but also elevate the price of your land.

There are a bunch of barrier types that you can install in your yard.



A well-devised and nourished hedge will add safety and beauty to your yard. Hedges refer to tall, stiff and narrow grass planted near the curb. The standard length is four (4) feet.

Pro tip: Map out and create a gravel path alongside the lawn edge as it will add sophistication to the entire look of your yard.

Plastic Edging

Plastic Edging
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As the name suggests, it incorporates plastic. It offers protection to your lawn against vehicles and pedestrians. However, it is significantly affected by climate. And if you happen to live in a cold region, this might not be the best choice for you.


Installing a fence for your lawn is the most convenient barrier you can get. A fence provides coverage to your house and stands against intruders firmly.

Brick Edging

Brick Edging
Concrete edging is functional, affordable and appealing to the eye. This is why it is the most commonly purchased kind of edging in the market.

How to Protect Lawn Sprinkler heads from cars

One thing you need to know about a lawn sprinkler is that it must be 2-3 inch in the ground. If the sprinkler head is above the ground level then it’s sure to get smashed by a mower or a vehicle. There are certain several methods for safeguarding your lawn sprinkler head.

Sprinkler Donuts

Sprinkler Donuts
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As the name suggests, a sprinkler donut is a circular object with a big round hole in it. It sits right over the sprinkler head. You can find donuts in a large variety of materials, but I would suggest concrete.
As it is strong, immovable and doesn’t bulge no matter what the weather. It protects the sprinkler head from a vehicle by distributing its weight over a large area and prevents the vehicle from crushing the sprinkler head. Sprinkler head donut is the best deal for your yard as they are inexpensive and add grace to your yard all in one.

Swing Joints

Swing Joints
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Swing joints allow the sprinkler heads to move. If a vehicle or mower comes near a sprinkler head, the swing joint will move a few paces to prevent the vehicle or mower from running over the sprinkler head.

How can I park on my lawn without ruining it?

Parking on grass solutions:

Parking your car on the grass often becomes necessary, either due to a party or event going on or limited space in the garage. Whether you retain organic grass or synthetic grass solutions, you need to have Grass Meshes in order to park your car.

A grass mesh is installed directly on top of the grass. It helps distribute the weight of the vehicle or foot traffic along a large area of the lawn. In this way, it helps protect grass from wear and tear and decreases mud and grooving.

It is firmly secured into the ground with the help of turf staples or U-pins. It also offers great slip-resistance and reinforcement. The mesh will be significantly visible right after application and will gradually get engrossed in the grassroots. After regrowth of the plants, the mesh will be completely indiscernible and obscured.

Therefore, if you tend to park your vehicle on grass often, then you ought to get your hands on this Grass Mesh.


Taking care of a lawn is not at all as easy as it sounds. It’s one heck of a task. But if you’re really keen on doing it then the earlier written information might serve real help to you as it does to me.

And yeah, that’s all.

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